Acer Mortgage advantages

  • commercial properties (condominium development, office buildings, retail malls, warehouses, gas stations, hotels etc.),
  • lands (vacant lots, bare lands, land assembly),
  • constructions (development projects, single house construction), and
  • syndicated loan (mezzanine financing, subordinated loans).

Whether you are looking for commercial financing for multi-use or industrial developments, we will be able to build the right mortgage solution for you.


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About Acer

Commercial real estate financing is quite different from residential lending, and the procedure is more likely to be complicated. That is why you need an experienced professional to walk you through all the procedures. At Acer Mortgage Lending, we expertise at optimizing loan structure, with 18 years of industry experience in commercial banking we will be able to walk you through all the problems, get your loan funded timely and handle any issues after the funding, or during the development process.


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